julia and keith  

Lisa & Michael

Holly is really the best! Our adoption profile came out great and we are hopeful it will bring a little blessing into our arms.

She made a process that we thought would be difficult and stressful very easy and actually fun. Holly always responded immediately to emails and the process moved along at a nice pace. Our profile was completed much sooner than we ever expected.

Thank You Holly for helping us get a step closer to making our dreams come true!



julia and keith  

Julia & Keith

Thanks a million times over to Little Blessings Adoption Services for creating our amazing profile book. If you are contemplating assistance for your book - look no further!

We were very overwhelmed with this project. Our agency stressed to us that it is one of the most important parts of the adoption process. I would lay awake at night with worry, not knowing where to start. That is when I did some research online and found their website. I looked at the profile samples and was immediately impressed. That is how I wanted my book to look!

I called Holly the next day. I knew after that phone call, she was the right design consultant for us. I can't begin to tell you how helpful it is to have an outside opinion to assist with picture choices and text. Holly was extremely professional and a perfectionist, like myself. She was always available for my phone calls and many emails. She is a hard worker and makes you feel like you are her priority.

We are so thankful to Holly and can't wait to see what this next year brings for our family!






***A Repeat Client***
Congratulations to Harriet on the adoption of her
sweet baby boy and Congratulations on another
quick match and blessing of a new baby girl!


New Jersey

"Dear Holly, Just a note to thank you again. I have been re-reading my profile all weekend and simply cant believe how great it looks, and I could never have done it alone. Not just the technical designy stuff, which looks superb, but the ideas you had like the cooking picture, and the open door etc.

I really appreciate you challenging me to go out and get more pictures when I did NOT want to. And you were so understanding of the stress of this process and so fast with your responses. It really helped me to think you had done this yourself already so really understood.

Of course the proof is in the results - and I really want to write a note to you in the next weeks saying WOW - look I waited a year - then I came to you and I am matched in a month - lets keep hoping!"

Then on 4/9/2011, just 2 weeks later, I received this great news! "Holly. I was going to wait until we get home to tell you but... My blessing was born on Monday and I got to meet him on tuesday. !!!!!! We go home next week. After years of waiting but less than a month after you helped me do a proper profile. I don't believe it is a coincidence Speechless with joy and gratitude Will send pics next week. "





Bradley and Stephanie


***A new Little Blessing has been born!***
Congratulations to Bradley and Stephanie on the
adoption of their sweet baby boy Timothy!

Bradley & Stephanie


"Our experience working with Holly on our adoption profile has been nothing short of amazing! I don't use that word lightly either. When my husband and I started working on our profile, we thought it would be pretty easy. I mean you just answer some questions about yourself, your family, etc and drop in some pictures, right? How hard could it be? The answer--VERY HARD!

I was near tears with the stress when my social worker suggested I call Holly. It was the best phone call I have made during this process. Holly provided so much information and great suggestions! I couldn't write fast enough to keep up with everything, but that was not a problem-she just sent me an email. I talked to Holly for over an hour on our first call, and we talked several times throughout the following weeks. Any question I had, she would answer, and if she didn't know the answer, you can bet she would research until she found it.

As a potential adoptive parent you have so much riding on your profile, and it is very easy to get stressed. Holly makes the process so much easier. She has a true passion for adoption and a love for people. She has been through the process herself, twice! She really knows what she is talking about. You could not make a better choice in someone to prepare your adoption profile. Holly has a gift that many of us do not have, and she is an absolute joy to work with. You will not be disappointed!"





Testimonial from Chris and Julie


***A new Little Blessing has been born!***
Congratulations to Chris and Julie on the
birth of their adorable daughter!

Chris & Julie


"Holly was a really great asset to work with on our profile. In addition to her design skills, she brings a great deal of experience in the adoption industry. She was able to help us put together a profile that highlights aspects of our life that are key in the adoption process. She spent a lot of time working with us until we were satisfied with every word and picture. It was invaluable to work with someone who has already been through the process and can understand our situation."




Ron and Brandi photo



***A Little Blessing is Born***
Congratulations to Ron & Brandi on the
birth of their baby girl !

Ron and Brandi


"My husband and I were lucky to stumble across Holly's services this past year. I grew up with her husband and knew that they had adopted. So I inquired to her husband about any info or tips they may have for us starting into the whole adoption process. Luckily for us we were able to have Holly create a profile for our family. In addition to creating a profile for us, Holly was so helpful to us with many questions that we had about adoption and also referred us to some really helpful people. It was really reassuring for my husband and I to speak firsthand with someone that had actually been through "adopting a child" and not someone that really had no knowledge of what you are going through. Holly was so helpful in creating our profile. There is no way I could of done it myself. I spent many hours and late nights with Holly on the phone and she always was there for me! Anyone that utilizes Holly's expertise is very lucky. We would highly recommend Little Blessing Adoptions for creating your profile."





Dan and Kendra


***A new Little Blessing has been born!***
Congratulations to Dan & Kendra on the
birth of their son!

Dan & Kendra


"Holly really got to know our family through numerous phone calls and e-mails, so that she could truly capture our family through our profile. She is very creative and had wonderful ideas and input that helped us to really bring our family and passion for adoption to life through our profile. Holly is an extremely hard worker and focused her energy and time on creating a beautiful and eye-catching profile. On-line profile services could never provide such innovative and unique yet personal profiles. We received our profiles today and they look great! We are so glad we went with her printer, as it was so quick and easy! Holly offers positive guidance and encouragement through the murky and uncertain waters that you have to navigate with adoption. Thanks Holly!"




Shane and Sharon

***A new Little Blessing has been born! ***
Congratulations to Shane & Sharon on the
birth of their new daughter!

Shane & Sharon


Well, I think the better word for adoption profile is sales brochure. Neither Shane nor I are marketing specialists and we agreed the cost of hiring someone to do the profile would be money well spent. I happened onto the web page for Little Blessings Adoption Services and right away, I loved the look of the site. After reading Holly's story about adopting her two children and looking over the sample profiles, I knew Holly would be the perfect person to put together our profile.

When my husband came home, I showed him her webpage and told him I thought we should call her to see if she was available to create our profile. It was the weekend and we figured that we would just leave a message and wait until the following Monday for her to call us back. What a great surprise when Holly called us right back, on the weekend, and spent well over an hour talking to us! She listened to our story of how our little Logan had died almost three years ago and how we had decided that adoption would be the right path for us after unsuccessfully trying to have another child via fertility treatments and deciding on not pursuing foster care. She told us her story about adopting her two children and how she got into the business of creating profiles for other couples.

Most importantly, she had just completed an adoption profile for a couple that was using our same facilitator and she would be immediately available to work on our profile document. We soon learned that putting together an adoption profile is not an easy thing. Holly always kept us on goal and spent many hours on the phone with us. Miraculously she was able to get out of us all the information and photos that she needed in what I consider record time - just a little over a week!! She really was great at holding our hands through the entire process and suggesting great ideas to make our profile the fun, cheerful, up beat document that we wanted while letting birth parents know the struggles we have been through to get to the point of choosing adoption.

Holly really became almost like a friend and confidant. She even connected us with another couple whom she worked with to create an adoption profile who had chosen adoption after their baby had died. We still keep in touch with that couple and are happy to mention that they recently were matched with a birthmother!
If you are reading this letter and wondering if you should hire Holly to create your adoption profile, we just want you to know that you will get compassionate, quality service from a woman who really cares and works so fast you will wonder if she ever sleeps.

We also used the printing services that Holly recommends and we had our profile documents in our hands less than five days from when they received the order. They were printed beautifully and our facilitator thought so too.

Congratulations to Shane and Sharon on the birth of their new daughter!




Tom and Shari phot



*** A Little Blessing is Born! ***
Congratulations to Tom and Shari on the
birth and adoption of their son!

Tom & Shari


"Tom and I live in California and at first we were hesitant considering hiring someone from another state but after comparing sample profiles on the Little Blessings Adoption Service website with other sample profiles we were looking at, we agreed there was no comparison to the beautiful profiles Holly had created. When we called Little Blessings Adoption Service our phone conversation with Holly seemed like we were talking to a close friend and we felt very comfortable sharing our story with her.

Our California agency had a very long list of specific requirements on how the layout of our profile should be. Holly took the initiative in contacting our counselor and our agencies designers to make sure we stayed within their guidelines. It was very relieving that Holly contacted our agency directly, lessening the stress of us having to relay things back-and-forth between them. Holly made designing our profile a beautiful; stress free, positive experience that we will forever treasure as part of our adoption memory. We would very much recommend Holly to any adoptive couple, from any state, needing to create a profile." 




yann and mary



*** A new Little Blessing has been born ***
Congratulations to Yann and Mary on the
birth of their sweet baby boy!

Yann & Mary

North Carolina

"Yann and I want to thank you as we are sitting in our hotel suite holding our 5 day old son. We received word on Friday, April 9th that a birth mother had chosen us who was supposed to be due May 7th. We received a call on the 11th that she was at the hospital and going into labor. We got here as soon as possible, a little bit late for the birth, but the same day. We have been with him ever since and are so in awe that he is our son. I can't thank you enough for your help, guidance and insight

My husband and I are so lucky to have found Little Blessings Adoption Services and we highly recommend it. My husband and I had no idea how we were going to create a family profile and were overwhelmed by the whole process. From the first time that we spoke with Holly, she put us at ease. Holly guided us through the process and provided helpful suggestions to help make our profile stand out from the others. Holly's creativity and insight really made our family profile a true reflection of our personalities and lifestyle.

We started our profile with Holly at the end of December and received the completed books in mid-February. At the beginning of April, we were matched with a birth mother and he was born on April 11, 2011. We can never thank Holly enough for the gift that she has given us. Without her, we are certain that we would still be waiting for our beautiful baby boy!!"





Brian and Kristen


*** A Little Blessing is born! ***
Congratulations to Brian and Kristen on the
birth of their daughter!

Brian & Kristen

New Jersey

"When we decided to adopt for the second time we knew that we would need some assistance in putting our profile together. We had both worked on our first profile but had a little less time on our hands to put in the effort that was needed this time around. That's when we found Holly at Little Blessings Adoption Services. From our first phone call we knew that she would be the perfect person to help us out. Holly is an extremely professional, kind and caring person. She listened to our story and helped us put into words what was in our hearts. Every phone call and e-mail was returned quickly, and believe us, there were a lot!!! Holly did not hesitate to answer our questions and helped guide us along the entire way.

Our profile was completed quickly and beautifully. Many people have commented on how beautiful it is and we are so happy that we will have this to show our family for years to come. Even now, a couple of months after it is done, we are still in frequent contact with Holly.

When she hears of birthmother situations that come across her desk she informs us of them immediately. She checks in with us to see how we are and how the process is going. It is nice to know that she is still there even though her role in our adoption is technically done. It confirms what we already knew, that she genuinely cares about the families that she works with. This is obviously not just a job to her, this is her passion. Feel free to e-mail us at briankristenadoption@yahoo.com if you want to ask us any questions about Holly."




Phil and Karol


Phil & Karol

New York

"Phil and I were completely lost when we tried to do our profile on our own. We would both just stare at the blank page and have absolutely no idea what to write. We sorted through pictures many times but we just couldn't pull it together.

I emailed Little Blessings on the advice of the agency we were working with in New York. We both thought "Georgia?, there is no one closer?" Well, the distance did not matter at all. After speaking with Holly, she felt like she was our friend, our neighbor. Holly had a way of making us feel comfortable and she genuinely loves her work.

Holly was very creative in our profile design and spent many hours talking with us and answered a lot of our questions. It was so nice to work with someone who has been in our shoes. She was so supportive and really took the time to get to know us and we took her advice and went out and got some updated photos of ourselves.

We also used Holly's printer and we were very impressed with the quality and also how fast they were delivered. My husband and I would recommend Little Blessings to anyone out there who is staring at that blank page. We both agree that we could not have done it with out her. Thanks Holly!"





paul and michelle photo


*** A new Little Blessing has been born! ***
Congratulations to Paul and Michelle on the
birth of their beautiful baby girl!

Paul & Michelle


As my husband and I were surfing adoption sites one day, we ran across Little Blessings Adoption Services, which specializes in profile design. We were beyond excited. We knew we needed someone who could walk us through the whole process. We knew our profile would be one of the most important aspects in being chosen by a birth mom. That initial phone call with Holly at LBAS put all of our concerns at ease. We were blown away with her knowledge. She spent countless hours talking with us over the phone guiding us not only through our profile, but also through any adoption questions we had.

Holly has captured our lives in the most perfect way. She truly represented us exactly as we are. She was an absolute joy to work with and we value the infinite wisdom and advice she has given us throughout this process.

We were recently matched with a birth mom and we have Holly to thank for our wonderful profile. During our first phone conference with the birth mom she told us that our profile was amazing. She said she could see joy and love in each and every photo and caption and that there was no doubt that any child in our home would be loved.

Little Blessings Adoption Services is one of the best investments you can make in your adoption journey. Your profile is your passport into this new land and Holly is an amazing pilot. She will guide you in the right direction.

Thank you my friend for making this part of our journey so stress free and creating a profile that clearly represents who we are. You have been an answer to our prayers.

Michelle and Paul





bill and tara photo


*** A new Little Blessing has been born! ***
Congratulations to Bill and Tara on the
birth and adoption of their precious baby girl!

Bill & Tara


"At first, Bill and I thought we could design our own adoption profile, but after several weeks it became apparent that we needed help and Holly with Little Blessing Adoption Services was the answer.

As soon as we looked at Holly's profile samples, we knew we wanted her to design our own. Holly walked us through every step, asking questions to get a better idea of our style, and making suggestions along the way. Having gone through the adoption process herself, Holly is very informed and showed us care and compassion. It was just as important to Holly as it was ourselves that our profile be a true representation of who we are, and she got it right. More than right, it is perfect! It is fresh and interesting, and we are so pleased with how it turned out.

We know our adoption profile is our one opportunity to connect with a birth mother, and we definitely made the right choice choosing Holly to design it. Now we are one step closer to having our own "little blessing. Thank you Holly."




frank and sherie photo


*** A new Little Blessing has been born! ***
Congratulations to Frank & Sherie on the
birth of their sweet boy!

Frank & Sherie


We cannot say thank you enough for the profile you designed for us. When we started working on our profile ourselves we felt so overwhelmed and almost gave up. Working with you was truly a pleasure and your advice and thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated. You were a wonderful guide through the whole process. Adoption can be quite overwhelming, but to find someone who understands it and can help you navigate the process is a rare thing and that is what we found in working with you.

In the end, it was your own experiences with adoption that made it very clear to us that you were the right choice. You really understood us and had so much respect for the adoption process in general that we knew we were in good hands. You were very professional at every step and not only worked with us but also suggested approval from our attorney as well to make sure everyone was happy with our profile. Needless to say, our Attorney was thrilled with our profile. We are so grateful to you and can't thank you enough!"

Thank you so much,
Frank & Sherie





photo of mike and randi


*** A Little Blessing is born! ***
Congratulations to Mike and Randi on the
birth of their sweet boy!

Mike & Randi

Dear Holly,

Mike and I can't thank you enough for all you have done. There are not enough words that can describe how we feel. You made this part of our journey so easy. You were right when you said this is the hard part. Finding you through Hal, with My Adoption Advisor, LLC has been a blessing for us.

Every step of the way you have guided us and you still do even now with our profile done. We can't stop reading it -- the way you put our life on paper is magical. We can't thank you enough. You have a wonderful talent and a heart of gold. Thank you for sharing your story with us and also being a support for me. I feel like I've known you for years. I wish you nothing but the best and my deepest regards for all you have done. Anyone that chooses "little blessings" will definitely not be disappointed.

Thanks so much,
Mike & Randi





paul and jenny photo


***A new Little Blessing has been born! ***
Congratulations to Paul and Jenny on the
birth of their sweet boy!

Paul & Jenny

North Carolina

"Jenny and I want to thank you for all you did for us during our adoption journey. You were more than just a profile designer but we felt like you were an old friend. You seemed to always be available and Jenny even questioned if you ever slept. I want to thank your husband also for being ok with you taking our calls even while you guys were on family vacation. You always seemed to know what we were going through and were more like an adoption coordinator than a profile designer to us. Your suggestions concerning our profile were on the spot. It amazed us how professional and caring you are.

Your gift for designing profiles for adoptive parents is second to none. We were blown away when we saw our first draft. You took our very wordy answers to your questions and perfectly expressed who we are in far less words. The pictures you chose just fit and also helped to tell our story. Our profile was so effective; we never had a chance to use it with the adoption agency we originally signed with. You see, during the process with our agency, we were approached by a birth mother who chose us based on our profile. That particular situation fell through but within 1 week another birth mother chose us based solely on our profile. We were matched and on 7/7/11 our dream of becoming parents became a reality. Our son, Jonathan Blake has changed our life. We want to thank LBAS for making our dreams come true. We will definitely refer our friends to LBAS and look forward to working with you again on updating our profile for our next adoption."






ed and jennifer photo

*** A new Little Blessing has been born! ***
Congratulations to Ed & Jennifer on the
adoption of their sweet boy!

Ed & Jennifer


"Originally we were working with someone else to do our profile book but ran into some issues. One night we were searching the internet to see if there was someone else to help us and came across Holly's website. We had always looked onto her site to see all the profile books she had created and loved them.

We were very hesitant to work with someone else on our profile book after our first bad experience, but after talking to Holly she put us at ease. She was extremely informative, helpful and we knew we wanted to work with her.
She always responded to our emails right away and always answered her phone when we had a question. She helped us through every step of getting what we needed to complete our profile book. We just received the copies of our book today and all I can say is that it brings tears to our eyes every time we read it.

We hope that a birthparent will love the book as much as we do and we cannot wait to call with the great news!"

Ed & Jennifer





jennifer photo

*** A New Little Blessing Arrives Home! ***
Congratulations to Jennifer on the
adoption of her sweet baby girl!




I am very lucky to have found your services. When I first began my
adoption journey I decided to use the services provided through my
adoption agency. I always felt my profile was missing something, it was
not showing me. After our first phone call together I knew soon enough
my profile would be exactly what I wanted it to be. Words could not
express how happy I was with the final profile! It was finally what I
was hoping it would be! I also wanted to thank you for designing the
pass along cards. Your work is truly amazing. Again, I would like to
say thank you for everything."