Parents Share: Celebrating with an Adoption Shower

Adoptive parents who welcomed their child home with an adoption shower share when they celebrated and their favorite part of the joyous occasion.

party blowers and confetti to celebrate at an adoption shower

On our Facebook page (, we asked readers, If you had an adoption shower, when did you hold it? What was your favorite part? Here’s what you said:

My work family threw an amazing surprise shower and loaded me with stuff for my son. Then, about two months after coming home, our friends and family had a welcome home party for him. I am so grateful for such wonderful memories.” —NANCY

We had ours after our daughter was born. Everyone held her, which was wonderful.” —JO

The awesome ‘It’s a Boy!’ adoption announcement my friend made. I adopted an older child, and under a photo of him it read, ‘weight: 46 lbs; length: 48 in’—those stats, haha!” —ROBIN

Everyone brought a book for our three new additions, inscribed with sweet messages and words of encouragement. We treasure them and have read them over and over!” —KELLY

The cookies! Joking—although they were good. The best thing was knowing that our girls would be accepted and loved!” —ALI

“A few days before our shower, we found out that our daughter would be coming home a just few days later. We announced it to everyone at the shower as we were celebrating.” —MISTI

It was hard. We’d had the shower planned for more than a month, when the expectant mom decided to parent. We were quickly matched again and went ahead with the shower, but I was so nervous and on edge I couldn’t relax. I felt silly, like all these people were coming together for me to celebrate something that wasn’t set in stone. If I could go back I’d just have a small diaper, wipes, formula party, and then a ‘Sip and See’ after bringing my child home.” —CANDI

My online adoption buddies threw me the most amazing virtual shower! These women were my rocks for the ridiculously long process (which included a scam) and were so generous and loving throughout the years it took to finally bring my baby home. They had a website with games, everyone mailed gifts that I opened during the shower, and we were all on a conference call. It’s one of my favorite adoption memories. (My friends at work had a shower for me, too, but that was a ‘typical’ baby shower minus the bump.)” —STACY

I gathered family, friends, and coworkers at a local restaurant and treated them to dinner, in appreciation of their support and help over the course of my son’s lengthy time in the foster system (prior to his adoption). It was a small way I was able to thank everyone who loved and helped us along the way.” —SARA

Just having it. It was something I never thought was going to happen. Our children were five and six and we called it a ‘Welcome to the Family’ party.” —ANN



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