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Questions About Online Access

1. What is ‘membership’ in members receive access to thousands of articles on this site via our searchable Adoption Parenting Library as well as comprehensive eBooks and helpful Clip-and-Save tip sheets. New members can join for $19.95 per year here. The parenting benefits of membership represent a value of over $400. N.B.: All former subscribers to Adoptive Families magazine in print format were automatically made members of when the site launched at the end of 2014. 

2. I was an Adoptive Families print subscriber. How do I activate my online membership account?
If you were a former print magazine subscriber, you were sent several emails as well as a letter from Adoptive Families containing your username and password. Use that information to log in here.

If you did not receive an email or letter, you can log in using your first and last names as your user name (one word all lowercase; must match your Adoptive Families subscription account information) and the last 9 digits of your subscription account number as the password.

Having trouble? Contact us at [email protected].

3. I can’t log in. My login information doesn’t work.
Are you using the exact username and password sent to you by Adoptive Families? These are case sensitive and must be entered precisely. If you are still having trouble, contact us at [email protected] for help with specific log-in problems.

4. How do I change my membership email address, password, and/or other account information?
Log in to your account, then visit the My Account page in the Member Center. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

5. How do I change my username?
Usernames cannot be changed, however you can change your Public Display Name – the one that appears alongside any comments you post – on the My Account page in the Member Center.

Questions About Adoptive Families Magazine

(no longer in print)

6. I was a subscriber. How can I read the magazine now that it is no longer printed?
Adoptive Families is now an online Adoption Parenting Library. You can access all the content by logging in.

7. Can I still get Adoptive Families magazine in print format?

No. Adoptive Families is no longer available in print format.

Questions About Adoptive Families Membership

8. What does ‘membership’ include?
Membership benefits including online access to the full searchable Adoptive Families Library, Clip-and-Save guides, and eBooks. New members can join for $19.95 per year here. Members can log in here.

9. How do I know when my membership ends?

All of the details about your membership can be found in the My Account page in the Member Center after you log in.

10. How did my print magazine subscription from 2014 translate into a membership in 2015 and going forward?
At the end of 2014, all Adoptive Families magazine print subscribers with 1-4 issues remaining received a one-year membership to Those with 5-8 issues remaining received a two-year membership, and so on. See when your membership expires here.

11. What does an Adoptive Families membership cost?
A one-year membership, and each yearly renewal, costs $19.95.

12. What is the value of a one-year membership?
The total value of the membership represents at least $400 worth of resources.

13. Will I receive renewal notices like in the past?
You will receive an email notification when your current membership is nearing expiration.

14. Can I give a membership as a gift?
Yes. You can purchase a new membership here. Be sure to use your gift recipient’s name and email address when creating the new account.

15. We are an adoption agency and would like to offer Adoptive Families memberships to our waiting families.
We will be happy to create a bulk subscription for your families. Contact us at [email protected].

General Questions

16. Why did you stop printing Adoptive Families magazine in 2014?
Like many magazines and newspapers around the country, Adoptive Families was negatively affected by the changing economics of publishing. Rather than close the magazine as many other magazines have done, we have chosen to make all Adoptive Families content available online so that the members of the active Adoptive Families community retain access to the Adoptive Families content as well as allowing newcomers to adoption to benefit from the expertise of those who went before. We are excited about the new and think it is a huge improvement over the past and a valuable resource. We hope you agree and thank you for joining us on this journey.

17. How can I find a specific article?
Please use our Archives page to search for articles by issue, author, topic, or keyword.

18. I’m not a member. How do I preview content to see if a membership will be worthwhile for me?
Non-members can read a select number of articles online every month. All of the articles featured at the top of our homepage are available for everyone to read. In addition, non-members can read our full library of Ask AF expert Q&As here. You can also sign up to receive our weekly newsletter, which always features both free and members-only content.

Products & Resources

19. How do I get the Adoptive Families newsletter?
Sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter here. It is full of tips, advice, and personal stories.

At the bottom of every e-newsletter is an “unsubscribe” option. Simply click it if you no longer wish to receive these e-mails.

20. Can I purchase back issues of Adoptive Families magazine?
We are no longer selling print back issues of the magazine.

21. How can I access Adoptive Families eBooks?
Adoptive Families’ rich eBooks are included with your membership.

22. What was the annual Building Your Family Guide?
Building Your Family: The Donor, Surrogacy, and Adoption Guide included step-by-step overviews of adoption and assisted reproductive technology (ART) processes, including donor egg, donor embryo, and surrogacy, as well as printable worksheets. It also included listings for hundreds of adoption agencies, surrogacy centers, support organizations, and adoption and ART attorneys nationwide. New Hope Media published Building Your Family (previously titled The Adoption Guide) for over 40 years. Now, you may access it online here.

23. Where can I find an adoption agency in my area?
Click here to search for an Adoption Agency by state, by adoption country, or by other means.

24. Where can I find an Adoption Attorney?
Click here to search for an Adoption Attorney by state, areas of practice, or by name.


25. I am interested in advertising with Adoptive Families. Whom should I contact?
For information about advertising in Adoptive Families magazine or on, please contact Anne Mazza at 646-366-0844, or by email at [email protected]. For more information about advertising, click here.

Reprinting Content

26. How can I share content that I find on or in Adoptive Families magazine?
Please read our full content reprint guidelines, which contains specific requirements for attribution, limits on republished content, and licensing request information.