Honoring Your Child's Birth Culture

Children adopted from another country or another culture within the U.S. need to understand and feel a connection to their heritage. Adoption experts and adoptive parents share advice and stories about honoring a child’s birth culture.

25 Children’s Books That Showcase Diversity

25 Children’s Books That Showcase Diversity

Kids need to be able to find characters who look like them in the books on their shelves. Here are some of our favorites that provide that powerful affirmation.

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Webinar Replay: Growing Up as a Transracial Adoptee

View the replay of this webinar with Deborah H. Johnson—on growing up as a transracial adoptee and what parents today need to know about talking about race and adoption, finding role models for their children, dealing with teasing, and more.

Melissa and Maya Ludtke at the Xiaxi market in 2004, the trip that inspired Touching Home in China

Two Adoptees on Going “Home” to China, Again

After a birth country visit to China that was too much, too soon for my seven-year-old daughter, she and a friend returned on their own terms as teens. The trip helped them imagine what their lives might have been and explore their Chinese-American identities.