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Our Mission Statement

At Little Blessings Adoption Services, LLC our mission is to be obedient to The Word of God, show the love of Jesus Christ in our everyday work and promote Christ centered adoption by creating personalized adoption profiles for married couples hoping to adopt, giving children a future with a Daddy and Mommy to call their own forever.


Creating your Adopton Profile

Creating your Adoption Profile is one of the most important decisions you will make in your adoption journey. Your Profile will determine more than anything if you will become parents through adoption. When expectant parents receive that stack of family profiles from their adoption agency to review, trying to decide who to select for their baby, what will make them pick up and read YOUR Profile over another family?

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A well created, printed and bound Adoption Profile a birthparent can touch and feel is key! Many times an expectant mom will start connecting to your family just while looking at your photos and reading about your family in a personalized Profile. Birthparents are often times able to picture in their minds what it would be like for their son or daughter to be part of your family. Your Profile should be designed and written in such a way that it "comes to life" when in the hands of expecting parents. My goal is to get YOUR Profile noticed and into their hands so they can make that very important connection with your family, and ultimately choose you to be the parents of their child!


Why you need my services

Do you need to create an Adoption Profile (Dear Birthmother Letter) to be presented to expecting parents considering adoption but are not sure where to begin? Have you started your Adoption Profile but are feeling overwhelmed with the Profile creation and could use assistance from a professional, an adoptive mother who has been on the domestic adoption journey twice? Are you hoping to adopt, still waiting to be selected by birthparents through your current networking and marketing and wonder if your Adoption Profile could possibly be updated and/or more eye catching? I would love to assist you in meeting your adoption goals!

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What is an Adoption Profile?

An Adoption Profile, or sometimes called Dear Birthmother Letter, Parent Profile, Adoption Resume, Adoption Book, or Life Book is a document given to expecting parents who are considering an adoption plan for their child. With most domestic adoptions you need to provide your adoption professional (agency, facilitator, attorney) with a Profile they can show to birthparents so they can select a forever family for their baby. A Profile should be an eye catching, heartfelt, photo filled, creative document showing a family's wishes for a child and their strong desire to expand their family through adoption.

I am passionate about adoption and have a strong desire to help others achieve their dreams of becoming Daddies and Mommies through adoption. I very much look forward to customizing your own distinct and individual Adoption Profile moving you one step closer to bringing your very own Little Blessing home!

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