Foster Adoption Overview: How to Adopt a Child from Foster Care

Would you like to adopt a child from foster care? Learn about the foster adoption process and how to adopt a child who needs a permanent home.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: What to Do the First Time a Foster Child Comes to Stay with Us?

Ask AF: What to Do the First Time a Foster Child Comes to Stay with Us?

“We are preparing for our first overnight visit with sisters we hope to adopt from foster care, and are nervous. What are we supposed to do for 24 hours with two children who are essentially strangers?”

The Littlefield foster family – author Deirdre with her husband and two sons

“What Being a Foster Family Has Taught My Children”

Amazingly, the number one question we’re asked about being a foster family is: “Are you afraid of what they’ll teach your children?” So, what have my kids learned? To start—to be open, generous, non-judgmental, thankful for their warm home….

Maci (left; adopted as a teen from foster care), with her family

Never Too Old for Family

Today in the United States, more than 123,000 children in foster care are waiting for a permanent home through adoption. Nearly 45 percent of these children are ages eight or older—and desperately need the stability, guidance, and love that only a family can provide. Learn more of the myths and realities surrounding older child adoption.